Our ears are the gateway to speech, music, and the sounds of nature, but they also bring damaging noise into our lives and can cause us pain and problems.

Hearing loss increases with age and is caused from everyday things like lawn mowers, road construction, and even loud TV or radio broadcasts — all as the various parts of the ear become less responsive. Further, ear infections that inflame the middle ear due to bacteria from fluid buildup behind the eardrum may not only be painful but can also present other complications. One of the other conditions ear specialists treat every day is dizziness, which has a number of different causes. Our clinic is dedicated to helping you find the exact problem you have and then crafting a solution.

The research at the government-funded National Institutes of Health and other public-private and university programs is constantly yielding new insight into these age-old problems. New technology and tools are also always in development. Our commitment to you is to keep you in the know about the latest developments in all ear-related health areas.

Once you feel you’ve learned what you can here, our specialists would love to meet with you and discuss your unique symptoms. We’ve made it as easy as clicking on one of the options to the right, and you’ll be starting on the road to better health and happiness.