Oticon Opn hearing aid


Receiver in the ear hearing aid diagram
  • Wireless Bluetooth® options available

  • Lightweight unit with comfortable earpieces

  • Open fitting makes for a more comfortable, natural sound

  • Among the most popular styles

About This Type:

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) or Over-the-Ear (OTE) hearing devices are worn behind the ear with a wire leading to the speaker which is housed in a soft, flexible dome that goes inside the ear canal. The open-fit design means the devices are barely visible and very comfortable when worn. This style has become a popular choice for active individuals for its versatility, comfort, invisible style, technology, individual programming control, Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance. The style can be fit with almost any level of hearing loss.

We fit and service Oticon, Resound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex hearing aids.