Cancer is one of the scariest things you can face. That’s why you want to choose a practice that provides the resources for you to learn all you can and a clinic with doctors who are experienced and specially trained to deal with the wide range of cancers of the head and neck.

Through our practice’s unique and fully open resource, you can learn that our lips, sinuses, voice box, nasal cavity and even salivary glands are all susceptible to cancerous cells. It can be scary, but you need to know there are solutions, and that’s what we are here for.

The research at the government-funded National Institutes of Health and other public, private, and university programs is constantly yielding new insight into these age-old problems. New technology and tools are also always in development. Our commitment to you is to keep you in the know about the latest developments in all of the head- and neck-related cancers.

Once you feel you’ve learned what you can here, our specialists would love to meet with you and listen to your unique symptoms. We’ve made it as easy as clicking on one of the options to the right, and you’ll be starting on the road to better health and happiness.


There are a wide variety of different cancers that can affect almost any organ or tissue in the body. Causes are diverse, and include genetics, tobacco use, diet and physical activity, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, environmental toxins, radiation, and viruses.

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The thyroid is a small neck gland located in front of the trachea and below the larynx. It produces hormones that are carried through the bloodstream to your body’s tissues, and it controls your metabolism.

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Pituitary Tumors

Pituitary tumors, most of which are noncancerous and nonspreading, involve abnormal growths on the pea-sized pituitary gland that controls other hormone-producing glands crucial to regulating growth, reproduction, blood pressure, and other functions.

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