1. We develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is patient-focused and physician-based.

    A hearing loss is a medical condition. The place to start is with a complete audiological evaluation performed by one of our audiologists. This is an extremely important first step because you need to know the cause of your hearing loss before you can treat it. Only an audiologist has the specific training to evaluate your hearing, diagnose your condition, and recommend the proper course of treatment. If an underlying medical condition is the cause, then you will consult with one of our ENT physicians. Not all hearing loss is treated with hearing instruments. Some forms of hearing loss can be treated surgically or with medications. If hearing instrumentation is recommended, you will meet with our hearing instrument specialist who will tailor your treatment plan around your hearing loss and lifestyle.


  3. We establish patient-specific treatment goals and recommend hearing devices with features to achieve these objectives.

    Your opinion matters. We will recommend hearing devices with the technology and features that best fit your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. Together, we will establish realistic expectations and goals to ensure that your hearing experience is both beneficial and enjoyable.


  5. We verify hearing aid fittings with the latest technology.

    It is not enough to use audiometric data to program your hearing aids and achieve the expected results and outcomes. Many factors are involved in the process of how you hear the sounds you need to hear. The only way to verify and properly program your hearing devices is through Real Ear measurements. Real Ear measurements allow us to measure the performance of the hearing device while it is in your ear and compensate for the physical aspects of the ear canal to program each frequency to the desired target levels. This method of verification is the only way to ensure that your hearing devices are correctly programmed to give you the maximum benefit.


  7. We validate your treatment plan with ongoing support for a lifetime.

    By following the recommended treatment plan, you should have an enjoyable hearing experience. To ensure your ongoing satisfaction, Central Oregon Ear, Nose & Throat provides technical support and personalized care for the life of your hearing devices. This commitment goes beyond the warranty period of the manufacturer. As part of your ongoing care, we schedule regular follow-up visits, periodic evaluations, and continuous verification testing.


  9. We are the only physician-directed hearing aid dispenser in Central Oregon.

    Central Oregon ENT has all of the resources to address your hearing care needs in one location. Our team of otolaryngolologists, audiologists, and hearing instrument specialist is committed to giving you the highest level of compassionate and professional care.